Project Overview

Situated in the Celtic Sea off the south coast of Ireland, the Emerald Project, proposed by Simply Blue Energy, will utilise cutting edge Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) technology to construct a wind farm which, upon completion, will have a total capacity of up to 1 GW, generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of 47% of the homes in the country.

The project envisions the transformation of the maritime landscape in the area of the Kinsale gas platform into a zone for the production of clean, renewable offshore wind energy, in support of Ireland's need to decarbonise the economy and ensure security of energy supply.

Power: Dock90

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This project will help to reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuel imports, where a large portion of our current electricity production comes from.


Offshore wind energy is a clean, sustainable and renewable energy source which will help the country reach its targets on greenhouse gas emissions.


We are dedicated to developing sustainable and transformative marine projects working with the oceans and enabling communities to benefit from blue growth.

Facts & Figures

GWh annually

3,370 GWh annually, enough to power
the equivalent of 803,000 homes

FLOW technology

FLOW technology
can operate in waters deeper than 60m thereby reducing visual impacts

current fossil fuel

Potential to replace 16.5% of current fossil fuel derived electricity in Ireland

Huge potential

Huge potential, for job creation over the lifetime of the project

Floating platforms

Floating platforms are less impactful on the environment than bottom fixed technology

1GW capacity

1GW capacity in line with the largest operational offshore wind farms in the world

Investigative Foreshore License Application

This investigative Foreshore Licence application seeks consent to conduct surveys to establish the potential for offshore wind development off the Cork coast. This is not an application for a windfarm development. If the proposed survey work, together with desktop studies and stakeholder engagement, indicates the feasibility of bringing a project to the next step, that step will need to be progressed in accordance with the National Marine Planning Framework and other relevant legislation in due course including the new consenting regime for offshore renewable energy being legislated for through the Marine Planning and Development Management Bill (MPDM).

Simulated Views of Turbines from Shore

Multibeam mapping

Multibeam mapping

Onboard a survey vessel

Onboard a survey vessel

Onboard a survey vessel

DP1-class geophysical survey vessel


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