Floating Offshore Wind-The Emerald Project

Floating Offshore Wind

We believe that floating offshore wind is a game changer for renewable power.

Floating Offshore Wind-Simply Blue Energy Emerald
Floating Offshore Wind-Simply Blue Energy Emerald
Image: Courtesy of Principle Power: Dock90
Facts & Figures

Offshore wind has moved quickly from being a niche to a mainstream supplier of low carbon electricity, becoming a favoured form of renewable energy generation. To capitalise on the ocean’s full offshore wind potential, floating as well as fixed foundation solutions will be required.


Offshore wind to produce 7-11% of EU electricity by 2030


Offshore wind has potential to produce 80-180% of Europe’s electricity at a competitive cost


Up to 45% of this could come from floating wind

"1Wind Europe’s Floating Offshore Wind Vision Statement (June 2017)"

Why Floating Offshore
Wind is Necessary

Floating foundations open access to new sites in deeper waters – 80% of Europe’s offshore wind resource is located in waters of 60m or deeper – where they can access higher average wind speeds at optimal spacing. This increases yield and capacity factors leading to competitive Levelised Costs of Energy (LCoE). Being further out to sea, visual landscape intrusion is minimised or eliminated, as is disruption to other marine users.

Image Credit: Principle Power Inc.

Floating wind solutions are maturing, and an increasing number of foundations are now available. Arrays of ever-increasing scale are being developed globally utilising a variety of technologies, and styles such as tension leg platform (TLP), semi-submersible, and spar bases, among others. Floating offshore wind is an early-stage commercial technology. Global deployments planned over the coming decade will lead to the industrialization of floating wind technology to the point where it will rapidly become cost competitive with traditional bottom-fixed foundations.

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Discover Floating Offshore Wind

The videos below show the deployment of Principle Power Inc.’s FOW technology at the WindFloat Atlantic Project off the Portuguese coast.

Episode 1:

Installing WindFloat Atlantic | Episode 1: Mooring Supply

Episode 2:

Installing WindFloat Atlantic | Mooring line pre-Lay

Episode 3:

Installing WindFloat Atlantic I Floater preparation

Episode 4:

Installing WindFloat Atlantic I Hook-Up Operation

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