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Situated in the Celtic Sea off the south coast of Ireland, the Emerald Project will utilise cutting edge Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) technology to construct a wind farm which, upon completion, will have a total capacity of up to 1.3 GW.

The project envisions the transformation of the maritime landscape in the area of the now decommissioned, Kinsale gas platform into a zone for the production of clean, renewable offshore wind energy, in support of Ireland’s need to decarbonise the economy and ensure security of energy supply. The use of floating technologies allows these turbines to be located 35-60km offshore, in waters much deeper than would be possible for alternative bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines. This has dual benefits in greatly reducing visual impacts while also placing the farm in an area of higher wind energy potential.

See our simulated views from shore of the nearest turbines
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Project Goals


This project will help to increase our independence
from fossil fuel imports and improve energy security while also decarbonizing the energy supply.


Offshore wind energy is a clean, sustainable and
renewable energy source which will help the country reach its targets on greenhouse gas emissions to help in the fight against climate change.


We are dedicated to developing sustainable and transformative marine projects working with the oceans and enabling communities to benefit from blue growth.

Image: Courtesy of Principle Power: Dock90

Facts & Figures

3,370 GWh annually

4,380 GWh annually, enough to power the equivalent of more than 1 million homes

FLOW technology

FOW technology can operate in waters deeper than 60m

Current Fossil Fuel

Can offset the equivalent of 21.5% of current fossil fuel derived electricity in Ireland

Huge potential

Huge potential for Irish job creation over the lifetime of the project

Floating platforms

Floating wind farms may promote additional ecosystem benefits around renewable energy sites.

Potential for Cork facility to convert electricity to green hydrogen for storage or export

Project Timeline

of consultation
Planning Interest
Prepare Development
consent (incl. Environmental
Apply for
Development Consent
Consent Awarded
Maritime Area
Consent Awarded
Offshore RESS
Funding Auction
Route to Market
Install & Delivery
Energy Export

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