FAQs-The Emerald Project


Offshore Wind in General

What is an offshore wind farm?
Why are we developing offshore wind? What are the advantages versus onshore wind?
What is floating offshore wind (FOW)?
Why does Ireland not have an existing offshore wind industry? Why is this kicking off now?
How expensive is offshore wind?


How are floating turbines fixed in place and in what water depth?
What impact will extreme weather events have on the turbines?


What is the scale of the proposed Emerald project?
When is Emerald likely to start work on the ground?
What does a stepping-stone approach mean?
What licences have been applied for?
What is a Foreshore Investigative Licence?
What survey activity will be carried out for Emerald?
How long will the surveys take? What is the survey timeline?
How big are the wind turbines and how many?
Will I be able to see the turbines from shore?
Can we sail around the turbines?
How long will the turbines be in place?
What is happening to the Kinsale gas platform?
Will the team be engaging with stakeholders about Emerald?
Why was this site chosen?
How can I get more information?


Will there be loss of access to fishing grounds?
What is the impact of seismic surveys on finfish and marine invertebrates?
What is the impact of seismic surveys on spawning and nursery grounds?
Will individual fishermen be compensated for loss of earnings?
Are cables a snagging risk for fishing gear?
Will there be a Community Benefit Fund for Emerald? Will it include a defined allocation for the fishery industry?
How does EMF from submerged cables impact fisheries?
Will fishing activity be restricted within the project area during the construction and/or operational phase of the windfarm?
If I was fishing here before a project was proposed, do I have dominant rights over the use of the area?

Community Benefits

What are the Employment Opportunities?
What are the benefits to the local economy?
Will local businesses be given the opportunity to supply the project?
Will there be any funding available for community projects?

Potential Impacts

Will there be disruption onshore?
Do wind turbines impact on seabirds or other marine life?
Will ship wrecks be interfered with?
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